Position: Campus Outreach Coordinator 

Major: BSA Biology + Pre-Health Certificate

Classification: Senior
Career Goals: I want to become a physician (not sure what specialty, possibly pediatric cardiology) and serve underserved communities in the US and abroad!
Hometown: Richmond, TX

Favorite Book: Free Food for Millionaires by Min Jin Lee

What are you involved in other than GMT? I work as an EMT, volunteer as a research assistant in a behavioral neuroscience lab, and am a member of the UT Sailing Club!
Trip you went on and year: Dominican Republic Winter 2018 and hopefully Ecuador this year! 

Favorite trip memory: My favorite trip memory was working with the team of doctors and translators to help a patient with cataracts. He was an elderly man and has no idea what was wrong with his eyes, but knew his vision was cloudy. This impacted me because in the US, cataracts are treated fairly easily through an outpatient surgery but in the DR they cannot be treated due to the lack of adequate healthcare. This made me realize how fortunate we are here and how some things can be easily taken for granted. For the patient, all we were really able to do was preach preventative care of wearing sunglasses and telling him to make sure his family does the same. This patient showed me how important preventative and primary care can be when the healthcare is not always there. 
What you love about GMT: I love how GMT is a place where people from all different backgrounds and experiences come together to serve both the local community and abroad through the trips we go on. GMT offers a place for people with the shared passion for healthcare and service can come together with the common goal of bettering the world. 


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