Position: Campus Outreach Coordinator 

Major: Health & Society with a minor in Disability Studies

Classification: Junior

Career Goals: I want to become a physician and go into either pediatrics or women's health! My interests are constantly changing and increasing, so I am still a bit indecisive about which path I will take! Thankfully, I have quite a few years to figure that out!
Hometown: Houston, TX

Favorite place to eat in Austin: Guero's or Homeslice Pizza!

Fun fact: When I was in elementary and middle school, I used to do triathlons! Hopefully one day I will try them again!
Trip you went on and year: Dominican Republic Winter 2020 and I hope to go to Peru in 2021! 

Favorite GMT memory: My favorite GMT memory is probably from my trip to the DR. On our third day in the clinic, my group greeted two patients, a young mother and daughter. Typically, our patients speak only Spanish, so we rely on a translator to help us. We quickly realized this mother and daughter did not speak English or Spanish. We were not sure how we could commiunicate with them until we discovered that the mother and daughter spoke Creole, which one of our doctors spoke. We learned that these women had just fled Haiti and were new to the DR. I could immediately see the relief on their faces when Dr. Teddy was able to communicate with them. No one else in their village spoke Creole. He made them feel comfortable, and was able to provide them with the medication and education necessary to aid their health concerns. It was a great moment to witness and definitely is one of the first ones that comes to mind!
Why did you join GMT? I joined GMT after hearing about it during my freshman orientation. I remember the members tabling were so kind and inviting, and the mission of the org aligned my passions and interests so well. In high school I frequently participated in short-term mission trips around the U.S. and even Uganda, Africa! GMT offered the opportunity for me to help provide free health care for underserved communities abroad, as well as learn some important patient care skills. I continued to stay involved after my trip because of the incredibly passionate and motivated individuals I have met within this org. The pre-health path can be quite challenging, so it has been very helpful to have like-minded individuals from GMT as a resource.