Shannon Owings

Position: President

Major: BSA Biology + Spanish Minor

Classification: Senior

Career Goals: Surgeon and skydiving instructor

Hometown: Fort Worth, TX

Favorite Book: Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte

Favorite TV Show(s): Black Mirror, Friday Night Lights, and the Office, I can’t choose!

Trip you went on: Dominican Republic Winter 2018 and Peru Summer 2019!

Favorite Trip Memory:  My favorite memory was when we took a break from clinic and played with all of the kids in the village. They taught us hand clapping games, took pictures with us, and were so fascinated with everything-bracelets, lollipops, stickers, etc. They were all so sweet and loving and this part was definitely the highlight of my trip.

What you love about GMT:GMT is so great because not only are you getting exposure to healthcare, but you’re also meeting so many great people through the org, including fellow trippers, the doctors, and the translators. It is an org that truly brings together the best kind of people and you’ll remember everything about your trip and the people that were on it long after it is over.


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