Position: Social Coordinator 

Major: BSA Nutritional Sciences & BS Neuroscience , Pre-Med
Classification: Junior
Career Goals: I'd like to become a surgeon (either neuro, trauma or plastics-I'm indecisive) and hopefully do Doctors Without Borders work someday!
Hometown: Austin, Texas

Spirit Animal: Panda (really uncoordinated and hungry)

Special Talents: stress-baking some dank goodies, and rapping every word to various g-eazy, cardi b, drake, and kendrick tracks  
Trip you went on and year: Panama Spring 2018 & Peru Summer 2019

Favorite trip memory: On my second day of clinics, my group saw two mothers that impacted me: one with signs of breast cancer, and the other with signs of domestic abuse. In both cases, the mothers did not seek help for themselves, only for their children. The woman with the lumps on her breast had never heard of breast self-exams, and didn't notice the lumps until they began to hurt and bleed. I wanted to help the second mother and her children get out of their situation, but our translator explained to me that in the native culture there were different ways of fixing this problem than what I had seen in America, and that the community leaders should be alerted and trusted to handle it. These selfless, strong women made me grateful for the opportunities and freedom I've had in America as a female, and more importantly, inspired me to fight for women in less developed countries to gain the knowledge and respect that they deserve. 
What you love about GMT: GMT offers unique global perspectives on health to its members, and I love getting to share and learn so much with a great group of people. Learning how other countries and those in rural areas approach health is important to anyone wanting to make a difference in medicine. I believe our trips connect the social and medical sectors of regions, and will help develop members into healthcare professionals with a more holistic idea of patient care. 



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