Ahmad Quaddoura


Position: Workshop Coordinator 
Major: Biology / Business of Healthcare Certificate and Spanish for the Medical Professions Certificate
Classification: Junior
Career Goals: I want to become a surgeon (maybe in cardiology or orthopedics)
Hometown: Houston

Favorite place to eat in Austin: Titaya's Thai Cuisine and Cabo Bob's

Fun fact: I had a fear of elevators because I kept getting stuck in them when I was a kid (it happened like 4 times), and I got over that fear the summer between junior and senior year when I got a job at lifetime and was forced to use the elevator to collect towels with the towel basket on each of the floors.
Trip(s) you went on and year: Panama trip in winter 2020
Favorite GMT memory: My favorite GMT memory was volunteering to refurbish and paint the pantry room at Casa Marienella. I always think back to that event and how it put in perspective how fortunate I am and genuinely how important it is to work on consistently giving back to the community and helping those in need. The pantry room was really old and dirty, and we spent a couple hours just wiping everything down, throwing away rotten food, and cleaning out dead bugs (imagine all this nasty stuff in your pantry room). We then stacked and organized all the cans and food and went on to paint the cabinets in the room. I sucked at painting, so everyone kept jabbing at me for my terrible paint job, but it was all obviously in good humor and was the most fun and awakening event I have been to. 
Why did you join GMT? My roommate invited me to go to a GMT meeting and I immediately knew I wanted to become a member. I really liked that GMT provides many unique opportunities for people with similar passions to be actively involved in the community. Not only does GMT aim to serve communities in other nations, as it is best known for, but also serve our own area and encourage members to do so. Through GMT I have made many new lifelong friends and shared amazing experiences with them, including the trip we went on.