Position: Vice President

Major: BSA Biology, German certificate 

Classification: Senior
Career Goals: I want to be an emergency doctor!! I also might want to do a fellowship for trauma, but that's something to decide later in life. My short term goal is to take a gap year or two and work for Austin Travis County EMS (the number 2 EMS system in America!) and get a lot of fast paced, quick thinking emergency experience, then hopefully go to med school.
Hometown: Southlake, TX

Favorite place to eat in Austin: My fave places to eat are either Matt's El Rancho or this sushi place called Maru (any sushi really!)

Fun fact:  I love medicine, but part of me wishes that I had pursued forensics/criminology and worked for the FBI/CIA
Trip you went on and year: Peru 2019, but I’m hoping to go to Ecuador or the DR for my next trip.
Favorite GMT memory: Other than going to Peru and becoming an officer, one of my favorite GMT memory was volunteering at the Austin Marathon in 2019. My best friends and I all signed up together and handed out medals, and it was really cool/inspiring to watch all of these crazy athletes run a MARATHON. I'm not really sure why that memory is so prominent for me, but it was a lot of fun to support the community.

Why did you join GMT? I joined GMT when my friend told me she was going to a general meeting, and I stayed because GMT aligns with so much of who I am and what I want to support and stand for. I am really passionate about preventative medicine, especially in countries that aren't as fortunate as ours, and I love that we not only get to travel, but we get to travel while making an impact. I believe GMT is such a diverse, one of a kind organization making a difference in all sorts of communities while fostering amazing friendships! 

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