Matthew Cao

Position: Trip Coordinator 

Major:  Biochemistry/Business

Classification: Junior

Career Goals: Hopefully become some kind of physician (unsure of specialty yet), but just trying to take it one step at a time and get into med school first!

Hometown: Austin, TX

Favorite place to eat in Austin: Franklin's BBQ

Fun Fact: Spicy food makes me cry

Trip(s) you went on and year: Peru Winter '19, Ecuador Spring '19

Favorite GMT memory: One memory that stands out to me was reuniting with friends from both my Peru and Ecuador trips at a Zilker Park social. We had stayed much later than planned because we were having such a good time sharing stories and catching up. I was also able to introduce friends from each trip with each other. Being able to see everyone again from both trips and reliving memories with each other is something I'll never forget!

Why did you join GMT? I joined GMT primarily for the trips at first, but stayed an active member because of the community. GMT has one of the best communities on campus and is composed of some of the friendliest people I've ever met, both on and off trips. You'll always find others that are like-minded and share the same interests, making it really easy to connect with them! :)