Position: Trip Coordinator 

Major: BSA Biochemistry with an “Ethics and Leadership in Healthcare” Certificate through BDP

Classification: Junior

Career Goals: Secure myself with whatever surgical specialty I find best suits me and make connections

Hometown: Dripping Springs, TX (approx. 26 miles west of Austin)

What are you involved in other than GMT? I TA for Biostatistics!

Interests: music (especially rudimental drumming as it relates to DCI and WGI), expanding my palate of spirits/wine, skydiving (it’s expensive, though), sleeping

Trip(s) you went on and year: Dominican Republic Summer 2018 & Dominican Republic Summer 2019

Favorite trip memory: Getting stuck on the staff bus during my 2018 trip and having a jolly good ride with them

What you love about GMT: GMT provides an opportunity to go overseas and gain a wider vision of what life is like in this world; it is definitely a humbling experience that should be taken advantage of if you are able and willing to.


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